April 2020: Best New Mobile Games for Your Quarantine

Many new mobile game projects in various genres of role-playing, action or strategy with interesting gameplay were released in April.

Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: The new Action Squad has fully launched both versions. It is known that the game possesses fast-action gameplay, fighting terrorists and rescuing hostages, especially when cooperating with the team. The game is increasingly complex and no less challenging despite the 2D screen design and pixelated graphics. With relatively short screen time, it is extremely suitable for casual players.

Beat Hazard 2

Beat Hazard 2 is not a new game, but it is new for mobile game fans. The game is a perfect combination of action shooting gameplay with music. The two things blended together to create a vibrant and emotional battle. It will be great when you have to fight while listening to your favorite songs. With the classic spacecraft and spacecraft shooting gameplay, it can be said that the player built his game screen 100%. The number of enemies, difficulty, screen length depends on the melody of the song the player chooses.

Sky: Children of the Light

Role-playing genre game Sky: Children of the Light will bring a breakthrough adventure and extremely interesting. The enchanting world of Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful animated kingdom. Your mission is to give hope to the kingdom and take on the mission to find lost stars for the constellations here. Developed by Thatgamecompany, the developer of many highly regarded games such as Journey, Flower and Flow, the quality of Sky: Children of the Light is something that readers can be assured of.

Dino Squad

Dino Squad brings epic battles when the dinosaur is capable of using high-tech weapons to fight. The idea of armed dinosaurs to shoot each other to shatter is not entirely new but until now, mobile game devotees can enjoy this content.