Free Fire: 5 awesome gun combos that every gamer should try (part 1)

Here are 5 ways to combine weapons in Free Fire for each different playing style.

In the battle of Free Fire, players are allowed to carry 3 long-range weapons and a melee. In addition, you also have grenades or glue bombs. Therefore, the game offers a diverse arsenal for players to choose.

However, this also makes people new to the game difficult. Sometimes, just using your favorite guns will not bring you victory because in each case, different weapons are needed. So, first determine your playing style is sniper or melee to have the appropriate weapon combo.

Combo Sniper ranged

This combination is loved by many players and it makes any enemy scared of confrontation. With the legendary AWM sniper gun, it can easily kill most enemies if the player has good vision control and headshot ability. It is important for players to find high, safe positions for sniping from afar.

For secondary weapons, the MP40 submachine gun is a great choice. Although not causing much damage, but the rate of fire is fast and gives you the safety when enemies suddenly appear, approaching. AWM is not useful at close range. So using MP40 is a must for winning battles at this distance.

Although powerful and handy, the drawback of this combo is that AWM is hard to find because it is only available in hearing aids.

Silent Assassin Combo

If you want to become a sniper in Free Fire but can’t find AWM or don’t like camp forever, you can try this combination. Both VSS and M4A1 work well at medium and long distances when players have mastered them. With VSS, one of its great advantages is having an integrated silencer.

While not helping you become the most dangerous player, in return it will help you be safe because their silence is very helpful when you find a group of people fighting. Just wait quietly for one of them to be defeated or you can handle it all with your sniper ability.