Free Fire: 5 awesome gun combos that every gamer should try (part 2)

Combo Sniper ranged

This combination is loved by many players and it makes any enemy scared of confrontation. With the legendary AWM sniper gun, it can easily kill most enemies if the player has good vision control and headshot ability. It is important for players to find high, safe positions for sniping from afar.

For secondary weapons, the MP40 submachine gun is a great choice. Although not causing much damage, but the rate of fire is fast and gives you the safety when enemies suddenly appear, approaching. AWM is not useful at close range. So using MP40 is a must for winning battles at this distance. Although powerful and handy, the drawback of this combo is that AWM is hard to find because it is only available in hearing aids.

Melee Combo

This combination is not very useful in open spaces but it is extremely powerful when fighting in tight areas such as buildings and towns. If you know how to use M1014, it will give you absolute advantage in any close-range encounter. However, bring an AK because in addition to fighting at close range, for the average distance it is almost unrivaled. In particular, the AK will be even better if it is fully equipped with accessories.

What you need to do when using this combo is to collect as many ammo for both weapons. When enemies are near, use M1014 and continue with AK when they are trying to flee. Players can have both after landing.

Combo Rain of bullets

While not too powerful or silent, this is an interesting combo that you should try. If playing in a team, sometimes you need to pressure the enemy with a series of bullets to help your teammates attack by using them.

M249 and P90 are perfect weapons when fighting a group of people. However, the M249 is quite useless at close range and the P90 quickly runs out of ammo. Therefore, the M1873 acts as the last resort in close-to-hand duels. With this combination of weapons, although you will not have the most accurate or powerful weapon, but it is more than enough to support your teammates.