Mobile version of Deus Ex is free on iOS and Android

Deus Ex version for Mobile is being limited free on both Android and iOS platforms.
Deus Ex is one of the famous game series of the world gaming village. The PC and console version of this game is a cyberpunk themed action role-playing game – incorporating elements of first-person shooter game combining RPG elements developed by Ion Storm Inc.

Placing the player in a somewhat dark setting by 2052, the story of Deus Ex takes the player into the rookie agent of the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition of the United Nations, JC Denton, with a mission against terrorist forces, which have become uncontrollable in an increasingly chaotic world.

Deus Ex has even been hailed as “The best PC game of all time” in the Top 100 PC Gamer PC games. Reached the list of candidates and even won many “Game of the Year” awards. Deus Ex sold more than 1 million copies as of April 23, 2009.

Deus Ex GO is a Mobile version inspired by Deus Ex, released in 2016 by Square Enix. Unlike the PC “elder”, Deus Ex GO is a puzzle game. Players use the touch screen to move to overcome obstacles and how to find the direction to solve the task as quickly as possible.

Deus Ex GO is one of the games in the “GO” series besides Hitman Go (2014) and Lara Croft Go (2015), in which Square Enix Montreal distilled the main motifs from the corresponding series to match.
Critics have judged Deus Ex GO to capture the success of the Deus Ex series and create a play, real “brain hack” of players, promoting the values ​​of the GO series. Deus Ex GO offers players a series of challenges to combine sneaky, spy and intelligence action elements to help the character accomplish their mission. Deus Ex GO is like you making a chess piece, moving around a chess board-like area, knocking down enemies and sliding off their path. Each level requires you to escape, while countless obstacles – such as turrets, robots and paths are blocked.
Puzzle games and sneaky adventures have many similarities. To succeed in both, you need to be smart, cunning and calculating. You need to plan your moves a few steps in advance, and you need to know exactly how your surroundings will react.