New Riot Games shooter revealed

After Legendary Runeterra and DTCL Mobile, Riot will release a unique shooting game in 2020.
New images of Project A – the first-person shooter created by Riot Games have been revealed. This is also the third largest project of Riot in 2020.

According to Dot eSports, on March 1, IGN Southeast Asia accidentally uploaded photos showing players’ perspectives in Project A. The images show how to build characters, maps, and weapons. The atmosphere is similar to the clip introduced last October by Riot.

One day later, on the eSports gaming community, there was a 2-minute trial video of Project A and a teaser revealing the launch time of the game in the summer.

In particular, Project A now has an official name of VALORANT.

Not long ago, Riot silently created an official channel for VALORANT game on Twitch (the famous game livestream platform). In addition, VALORANT also owns a Twitter page with more than 45,000 followers after only about 12 hours.

However, Riot Games quickly hid VALORANT’s Twitter account, showing it was a “teaser” that the game would soon be released.

VALORANT (or Project A in the past) is one of many game projects being embraced by Riot Games. VALORANT will have a gameplay quite similar to other first-person shooters.

But in addition, the design team also added to VALORANT a number of new elements such as the use of magic to impact terrain, improve weapons. Riot’s bold moves are aimed at revamping the style of shooters and attracting more players.

As announced in 2019, the father of League of Legends will build a series of new games with full genres this year. In the first two months of 2020, Riot Games has launched the legendary card game Runeterra and Mobile Truth Arena. VALORANT is the next project to be launched in the coming summer.

Most likely, Riot Games will close 2020 with the blockbuster League of Legends: Express Battle (League of Legends mobile version) is very much expected by fans.