The game Valorant is causing a fever

Riot’s latest title attracted a record number of viewers on its debut day.
On April 7, Riot Games released a trial version of the VALORANT game in several regions of the world.

Right on the first day of release, VALORANT quickly owned 1.7 million viewers with a total of 34 million hours of watching on Twitch (famous game streaming platform). This record helped VALORANT to surpass many other titles to become the game with the second highest number of people watching at the same time in Twitch history, second only to League of Legends.
This achievement of VALORANT is mainly due to the promotion strategy from Riot Games and Twitch. When announcing the release of the beta for the new game, Riot said that if you want to experience VALORANT soon, gamers must watch at least one channel to stream the game on Twitch platform.

At the same time, the publisher also invited famous streamers such as summit1g, TimTheTatman, xQc or Pokimane to test VALORANT to increase the appeal of the game.

This method of introduction has attracted many hardworking players to watch VALORANT stream on April 7 to own the login key. Some gamers also set up a Twitch account and watched multiple streaming channels at the same time to increase the chance to experience this game soon.

Donlon added that Riot will try to accelerate and release the official VALORANT release over the next few months. Currently, there is no information about when this game will launch on Vietnamese servers.

VALORANT was first mentioned by Riot Games in October last year. This is also the first tactical shooting game produced by “the father of League of Legends”.

Through the experience of playing from the streamer, The Verge rated VALORANT as a harmonious combination between Counter-Strike and Overwatch (two popular shooting games).

VALORANT’s gameplay is heavily tactical, including two teams of 5 players competing within 30-40 minutes. One team will aim to set a bomb and protect it while the other team seeks to destroy it. Each round ends when the bomb is kept safe or removed, after which teams switch roles. The team that wins 13 rounds will win the whole match.