The new Android feature allows you to launch games without waiting for the download to complete

Developers from XDA Developers reported on the future function of Android, which the operating system will borrow from modern consoles or PCs. We are talking about launching games from the app store while they are still being downloaded.

The correct name for this feature is incremental file system. It allows you to run large games by downloading only part of the content, and while the gamer is playing, the rest of the information is loaded in the background.

According to the source, Google is currently testing this feature on its Google Pixel 4 XL smartphones, and the full launch of the feature is planned only by 2021 — that is, by the release of Android 12.

17 dangerous games and apps that are better removed from your smartphone right now

Information security company Bitdefender analyzed the Google Play app store and found 17 dangerous games and programs that pose a threat, run ads, spam, and more.

Most of these apps are popular and have been downloaded a total of 550,000 times. In fact, the programs listed below are not officially considered malicious, because they do not pose a real threat to the system. But after installation, they hide their location on the smartphone, and the gadget is attacked by advertising messages, spam and phishing bots.

A source reports that Google has already removed some of them from its store, but here’s the full list so you know the enemy in person:

  • Car Racing 2019
  • 4K Wallpaper (Background 4K Full HD)
  • Backgrounds 4K HD
  • QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Pro
  • File Manager Pro
  • VMOWO City: vmowo Speed Racing 3D
  • Redads Barcode Scanner
  • Screen Stream Mirroring
  • QR Code
  • Period Tracker
  • QR & Barcode Scan Reader
  • 4K wallpapers, HD Backgrounds
  • Transfer Data Smart
  • Explorer File Manager
  • Today Weather Radar
  • Big Fish Frenzy